Welcom To CES San Francisco

CES is a nonprofit organization serving the youth of San Francisco. In 1969, young activists raised in San Francisco’s Chinatown founded Community Educational Services (CES) to address the pressing need of academic support and employment services for to neighborhood children and youth. From 1969 to 1987, CES stayed focused on direct education and employment services, annually providing over 400 Chinatown youth each year with jobs, job training, english tutoring, and general homework help. Starting in the late eighties, CES programs became increasingly engaged in school system reform efforts and community education and advocacy efforts. Currently, CES prides itself on operating programs that greatly increase youth’s practical employment and communication skills, while developing them as leaders for change in their schools and communities.

CES Mission

The mission of CES is to help young people to transform their lives, schools, and communities.


Find out what’s happening at CES:
• ACT ONE’s youth radio program

” Visit ACT ONE’s FALL 2002 project with KQED”.

• Our new partnership to train teachers at the School of Education of the University of San Francisco.

• Students improving their school grades and SAT scores.

• Efforts to create peace, respect, and democratic participation in urban scools.

• Efforts to promote overall school reform.

• Our new comprehensive educational and employment program.

CES measures its success through feedback from students and teachers who participate in our programs. Find out more in our program pages.