PS4 Solid State Drive (SSD) Experience

If you are looking at a modern laptop, you will likely see some that come equipped with a solid state drive. A solid state drive or SSD can speed up the performance of a computer significantly, often more than what a faster processor (CPU) can. SSD (Solid State Drive) that you are going to use for PS4 is a kind of hard drive which is made by solid state electronic memory chip array. Picking a hard drive used to be fairly easy, you’d get the biggest one you could afford. I originally wrote this post back in 2013 in the lead up to the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Better understanding Solid State Drive (SSD) Technology

Together, both devices have powered sales in the gaming industry, accounting for more than sixty percent of the console games market that is worth an estimated $27 billion. Both very powerful. So, what exactly is a solid state drive (SSD) and how does it compared to a traditional hard drive?

HDD disks use spinning platters of magnetic drives and read/write heads for operation. The most obvious difference between SSD and the old fashioned hard drive lies in hard drive technology. New SSD (solid-state drives) sit alongside HDD drives and thanks to falling prices they’re no longer an expensive rarity for rich business execs and computer fanatics. As such, I’ve re-written this post, updating it in various ways since its original publication in order to account for both systems’ new prices, new games, new features, etc. In the previous round of this battle, XBox 360 started strong but was eventually overtaken by the PS3.

  • For the last decade or so, the Sony Playstation and Microsoft MSFT +0.71% XBox rivalry has riveted gaming enthusiasts.
  • Two new gaming consoles.
  • This form of computer storage has been on the market for some time but only recently has been embraced by the industry and consumers as a viable alternative to traditional hard drives.
  • A hard disk drive or HDD is cheaper and offers more storage (500 GB to 1 TB are common) while SSD disks are more expensive and generally available in 64 GB to 256 GB configurations.
  • And it consists of control unit and storage unit (FLASH chip and DRAM chip). SSD is exactly the same with common hard drive in the specification and definition of interface, function, usage and product shape and size.
  • And possibly pick from one of two speeds: 5,400 RPM and 7,200 RPM (although faster and slower speeds are available).These days things are a lot more complex.
  • But it remains a popular post thanks to Google, so evidently this is a topic that people are still looking for information on.

Both very ambitious. Solid state is a term that refers to electronic circuitry that is built entirely out of semiconductors. So start-up speed is slower for HDDs than SSDs because a spin-up for the disk is needed. Shock and drop resistance: HDDs are actually disk-based, and data are stored in sectors on the disk. Tech companies have also figured out how to combine SSD technology with traditional HDD technology to create hybrid drives with the best of both worlds.

PS4 using an SSD can be a bit faster than traditional hard drive

NAND Flash memory chips used in SSD manufacture

The original story, for instance, noted that the PS4 was (at the time) considerably cheaper than the Xbox One. This time around, Sony has already made a strong start: PS4 sales outpace those of XBox One. Both about to meet head to head… and do battle for your time, money and attention, as well as the fate of the universe! The term was originally used to define those electronics such as a transistor radio that used semiconductors rather than vacuum tubes in its construction. Intel claims their SSD is 8 times faster than an HDD, thereby offering faster boot up times.

As for SSD, it is made up of flash memory particles (such as the storage medium of MP3 and USB flash drive), so it does not contain any mechanical parts. Apple has one of these called the Fusion Drive. This is no longer the case. Based on figures released by the respective companies, the PS4 has sold more than seven million devices, so far. Two weeks ago we reviewed the PlayStation 4.

Why SSD is faster than HDD

Most all electronics that we have today are built around semiconductors and chips. The following video compares HDD and SSD speeds in the real world and it’s no surprise that SSD storage comes out ahead in every test. In this way, SSD can be used normally even when it is fast-moving, flipping or tilting. On top of that hard drives are sold in a myriad of different sizes, ranging from 3.5in to 2.5in for laptops, and even 1.8in for smaller devices. At the time of this writing, either system can be purchased for $349.99, often with at least one game included.

In comparison, XBox One has sold five million devices. Last week we reviewed the Xbox One. In terms of a SSD, it refers to the fact that the primary storage medium is through semiconductors rather than a magnetic media such as a hard drive. In an HDD, data transfer is sequential. In the meantime, the possibility of data loss could be minimized when collision or shock happens.

Using SSD in PlayStation 4 Environment

Meanwhile external options are available and Apple’s new Thunderbolt technology is so fast that it can keep up with any of the latest, fastest hard drives. A new entry into this genre of games is Lego Dimensions, which features characters from hit franchises like Lord of the Rings and Scooby-Doo. During an interview session with me later, however, he outlined four reasons for Sony’s winning strategy against Microsoft.

  1. On some Apple products the hard drive can be replaced, on others it’s welded onto the circuit board.
  2. On both systems: Both the Xbox One and PS4 boast new entries in series that have been very popular with kids for years: Disney Infinity and Skylanders, both of which are “toys to life” games that involve physical toys that you can buy (sold separately) to add new characters and features to your games.
  3. When Mark Cerny asked him about Sony’s winning formula at the Computer History Museum on stage last week, Shu Yoshida, Sony veteran and president of it’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, shied away from answering the question. “It would have been impolite,” he told me.
  4. Now that we’ve had a decent chunk of time with both consoles, let’s bang them together and pretend they’re fighting.
  5. Now, you might say that this type of storage already exists in the form of flash memory drives that plug into the USB port.
  6. The physical read/write head “seeks” an appropriate point in the hard drive to execute the operation.
  7. So, SSD is better than traditional hard drive in this aspect.

The PlayStation 4 is a nice size, and almost feels an inch or so smaller than it “should” be. This is partially true as solid state drives and USB flash drives both use the same type of non-volatile memory chips that retain their information even when they have no power. This seek time can be significant. Noise-free: there is no mechanical motor and fan in SSD, so the noise value of it at work is 0 db. When it comes to hard drives it’s a minefield out there.

The high price of SSD

A game that seemingly every kid today either plays or wants to play, Minecraft, is also available on both systems (as well as Xbox 360, PS3 and computers). Both systems also have a new story-based adventure game, Minecraft: Story Mode, from Telltale games. The first reason is price. Not a bad thing! The difference is in the form factor and capacity of the drives. The transfer rate can also be influenced by file system fragmentation and the layout of the files.

In general, the energy consumption and calorific value of flash-based SSD in working condition is relatively low. This feature will help you understand and choose the right drive. PS4 SSD experience has shown that configuring PS4 with SSD will make some speed gains, but we don’t see it’s worthy in relation to the high price an SSD comes with. This is an episodic series that’s being released in chunks, so while you can buy the entirety of season one right now, an Internet connection is required to download new episodes as they become available. At $399, the PS4 is a good hundred dollars cheaper than XBox One. It’s equally comfortable sitting flat or standing on end, and I’ve found that I don’t need a stand to put it on its end.

Adding more data to SSD

While a flash drive is designed to be external to the computer system, an SSD is designed to reside inside the computer in place of a more traditional hard drive. Finally, the mechanical nature of hard disks also introduces certain performance limitations. However, the consumption of high-end or large-capacity product will be higher. A traditional hard drive works pretty much like a miniaturized record player. For two-player fun, the non-Dimensions Lego series of video games is still going strong.
The company is playing off the same strategy used by the Seattle-based giant when XBox 360 was priced lower against its rival.
The parallelogram shape is more pronounced than I was expecting. So how exactly do they do this? In an SSD, data transfer is not sequential; it is random access so it is faster. Since there are no internal mechanical moving parts in SSD, no mechanical failure will happen and collision, impact or vibration will have little impact on it.

Imagine the record is coated in a metal that can be magnetized: that’s the disk called the ‘platter’ and it spins around. Lego Marvel’s Avengers is coming soon, and Lego Jurassic World can give your kid their much needed fix of dinosaur fun. According to Yoshida, the second reason for PS4’s popularity is the console’s technical superiority against its competitor. The tiny power and eject buttons were a lot for me to get my head around; before I bought my PS4, I joked with Stephen about his article showing readers how to find the power button. Well, many SSDs on the outside looks almost no different than a traditional hard drive.

PlayStation 4 is by far the best game console worldwide

PS4 internal storage requirements

Fast read-write speed: using flash memory as the storage medium, SSD is equipped with a faster read-write speed than conventional hard drive. Above the platter is an arm called the ‘actuator’ that reads these magnetized blocks as binary code (0s and 1s) or writes to the disk by setting the magnetic blocks on or off. Exclusive to the Xbox One: There’s Disney’s Fantasia: Music Evolved (also available on Xbox 360), which requires the Kinect camera but is a fun motion-controlled music game from Disney and the makers of Rock Band. The end result of this is an immersive game experience, one that enables design and development of games for diverse audiences. “It (the Sony PS4) is better for people who care about (console) specifications,” says Yoshida. It took me a couple of days to remember, “Bottom means eject, top means power.” (There’s probably a dirty joke in there somewhere, but I’m not quite finding it.)The Xbox One is a big-arse chunk of black plastic. To do this, it needs to have the standard dimension as a 1.8, 2.5 or 3.5-inch hard drive. So SSD reliability is higher.

  • There is consistent read performance because the physical location of data is irrelevant.
  • The reason why SSD is featured with low heat and fast heat dissipation characteristics is that it adopts the flash memory chip with no mechanical parts.
  • The magnetic material enables it to store data (0s and 1s) as magnetized ‘on’ or ‘off’ blocks.
  • I’m also quite fond of Rayman Legends, a 2D platformer with some fantastic art that can be fun for all ages.
  • Whether it is processor speed or the performance of its graphics card, the PS4 is either identical or outperforms Xbox One on most fronts.
  • After I got mine, I’m no longer joking.
  • This design is to allow the SSD drive to put in a laptop or desktop computer in place of a hard drive.
  • SSDs have no read/write heads and thus no delays due to head motion (seeking).Unlike HDD drives, SSD disks do not have moving parts.

SSD has no magnetic head, so the seek time is almost zero. The faster the platter spins the quicker the hard drive works, which is why it’s measured in RPM (revs per minute) like a car. There’s also the management game Zoo Tycoon (also available on Xbox 360) and the beautiful 2D side-scrolling game Ori and the Blind Forest. The Tokyo-based company’s push to include more independent game developers on the PS4 platform has also contributed to its success, says Yoshida. I actually quite enjoy its retro VCR design. It also uses the common SATA interface so that it can easily be placed into any PC as a hard drive would. Moving parts in an HDD increase the risk of mechanical failure. The seek time of the most common 7200 RPM mechanical hard disk is generally 12~14 millisecond, while that of an ordinary SSD can reach 0.1 millisecond or less. But the actuator has to be able to keep up with the speed, which is why they’ve got better over time. Exclusive to PS4: If you’re into simple platforming and level creation, LittleBigPlanet 3 isn’t bad.

More storage means more space for games

Although it featured several blockbuster games, PS3 did not attract significant independent developers. There’s something cool about being brashly uncool, I guess. There are several new form factos such as M.2 that look more like a memory module. The rapid motion of the platters and heads inside the hard disk drive make it susceptible to “head crash”. Head crashes can be caused by electronic failure, a sudden power failure, physical shock, wear and tear, corrosion, or poorly manufactured platters and heads. Besides, the sustained write speed of SSD is very impressive; some manufacturers even claimed that their own SSD’s sustained read-write speed exceeds 500 MB/s.

There’s two ways of making the hard drive bigger, to have a bigger platter or to create smaller blocks of data on the platter. If you’re more into a cute adventure, Tearaway is much more clever. This time around, the company is not taking any chances. But the console is also quite large, and has completely overtaken a shelf in my entertainment center. Solid state drives have several advantages over the magnetic hard drives.

Not too much space required

Another factor impacting reliability is the presence of magnets. What’s more, the random read-write speed of SSD is also very quickly and it is reflected most directly in various daily operations. Both have happened over time which is why there are different hard drive sizes and units have become smaller over time. A PS4 launch game, Knack, isn’t the best kids game around, but as it’s been out for a couple years now you might be able to find it in a bargain bin somewhere. Right before the PS4 launch in November, they invited journalists to preview select titles for the console.

How does SSD improve PS4 performance

I understand that Microsoft wants their console to be, along with my cable box, the only entertainment unit I need. The majority of this comes from the fact that the drive does not have any moving parts. HDDs use magnetic storage so are susceptible to damage or data corruption when in close proximity with powerful magnets. Last but not the least, SSD has a very low access time, which can’t be comparable with by conventional hard drive. The great thing about traditional hard drive technology is that it’s cheap. In the case of the PlayStation 4, no. The titles were arranged in two rooms and featured games from indie developers such as Jonathan Blow, whose last game – Braid – was released on Xbox 360, and seasoned studios, such as Guerilla Games. But that just isn’t the case, so the Xbox One’s size winds up feeling a little bit inconsiderate. While a traditional drive has drive motors to spin up the magnetic platters and the drive heads, all the storage on a solid state drive is handled by flash memory chips. SSDs are not at risk for such magnetic distortion.

Relatively small capacity: for mechanical hard drive, 1TB or 2TB capacity is very common to see, but for the SSD, it is very large. So what can be used more than an SSD in the place of HDD inside the PS4 box? You can pick up this 1TB 2.5in hard drive from Amazon for just £54. The system is not backwards compatible, and none of your PS3 games will work in your PS4. Of course, this does not mean that the company has abandoned big studios. I really like the console’s disc tray, and think that of the two consoles, it has by far the most intuitive and easy to use disc-eject button. (How strange that something so small could still feel worth noting!) However, I don’t like the touch-sensitive power button, as it’s much too easy to accidentally turn it on while I’m moving the console.

Cutting down on boot time of PS4 operating system

The power usage is a key role for the use of solid state drives in portable computers. When flash first started gaining momentum for long-term storage, there were concerns about wear-out, especially with some experts warning that because of the way SSDs work, there was a limited number of write cycles they could achieve. High price: the price of different SSDs is generally high. That’s just 5p per GB, a ridiculously cheap amount compared to SSD drives (or even hard drives from years gone by).Compare this to the popular Crucial M4 SSD which costs £130 for 256GB. Sorry.

replacing the PS4 stock hard drive with an SSD might be a good idea

Indeed, as Yoshida pointed out during his talk with Cerny, “commercial realities” (or, the economics of the gaming market) are in favor of big studios. The Xbox One’s middle name might as well be “media integration.” It would sign checks and wedding registries Xbox “Media Integration” One. Because there is no power draw for the motors, the drive uses far less energy than the regular hard drive. However, SSD manufacturers put a lot of effort in product architecture, drive controllers and read/write algorithms and in practice, wear-out has been a nonissue for SSDs in most practical applications. Until now, the SSD’s price is very expensive.

Games are loaded faster

That’s almost 50p per GB, or 10 times as much. The Xbox One, however, recently added backwards compatibility as a feature. This is because game development costs are higher for such studios; as a result, Sony ropes in other, internal divisions, such as marketing and business, to promote the games. “When we spend $50 million, it is a big bet,” he says. It’s designed to be more than just a gaming console. Now, the industry has taken steps to address this with drives spinning down and the development of hybrid hard drives, but both of these still use more power.

As of June 2015, SSDs are still more expensive per gigabyte than hard drives but prices for SSDs have fallen substantially in recent years. Taking 1G as a unit, we found the price of SSD is dozens of times as expensive as that of traditional hard drive. Given that an SSD costs ten times as much as a HDD you’d expect it to deliver something pretty special, right? With a catch: Only a select number of old Xbox 360 games are compatible at this time (though more are on the way). An Internet connection is also required, even if you own the disc for the game you want to play (a backwards compatible version of the game is downloaded to your system).Microsoft has a list of the more than 100 Xbox 360 games currently playable on the Xbox One, which includes both games on discs and digital games that were only available as a download. The final reason for the PS4’s success is Sony’s legacy as a pioneer in the gaming industry. Sure, it lets you watch Netflix and Amazon Video and the like, but it can also take in your cable box’s A/V signal and let you switch straight to your TV without pressing your TV’s “input” button. The solid state drive will consistently draw less power then the traditional and hybrid hard drive. While external hard drives are around $0.04 per gigabyte, a typical flash SSD is about $0.50 per GB. Relatively limited service life: flash of SSD is said to have a limited number of times in terms of wiping and this is why so many people criticized its short service life. The good news is that it does.

More time to save for a better experience

In terms of games enjoyable for all ages, that list includes Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Plants vs. The company reinvented the console gaming market by launching the original Playstation 1994. If you watch a lot of TV, the ability to immediately call up your favourite channels is quite nice, and the Xbox One’s OneGuide tool is a smart idea that keeps all of your favourite shows — be they downloaded, streaming or on live TV — in one place. Faster data access will make a number of people happy. This is down from about $2 per GB in early 2012.

Completely erase SSD flash one time is called a P/E, so the service life of flash is measure by the unit of P/E. Even though they’re often referred to as disks, Solid State Drives (SSDs) have no spinning platter like a traditional hard drive. Zombies, Viva Pinata and a few others here and there. It has also driven major developments in the industry, whether it is the introduction of new architectures or development of portable consoles to grapple with industry shift towards mobile. “People like what we are doing from the standpoint of our history,” says Yoshida. “So, they have confidence in our games.” All that’s missing is an on-board DVR, which will hopefully come in the future.

What type of SSD do we recommend for PS4

Since the drive does not have to spin up the drive platter or move drive heads, the data can be read from the drive near instantly. In effect, this means you can buy a 1 TB external hard drive (HDD) for $55 on Amazon (see external hard drive best sellers) while a 1 TB SSD costs about $475. (see best sellers list for internal SSDs and external SSDs). In an influential article for Network Computing in June 2015, storage consultant Jim O’Reilly wrote that prices for SSD storage are falling very fast and with 3D NAND technology, SSD will likely achieve price parity with HDD around the end of 2016. The service life of 34nm-flash memory chip is about 5000 times P/E, while that of a 25nm-chip is about 3000 times P/E. Instead they act more like the RAM inside your computer (except they retain the information when the power is off).

This is called NAND Based Memory (NAND isn’t an acronym incidentally, but a term used in logic).Data is written to electrical blocks that are set to on and off (for 0s and 1s). There’s no magnetic or electro mechanical part. If your child is old enough to be playing games online, you should know that both Microsoft and Sony will demand a monthly fee for this functionality on their new systems.
The Xbox One also has DLNA media server compatibility, letting you stream media directly to the console. Hybrid hard drives do tend to mitigate the speed aspect when it comes to frequently used drives. A December 2015 article for Computer World projected that 40% of new laptops sold in 2017, 31% in 2016 and 25% of laptops in 2015, will use SSD rather than HDD drives. Difficult SSD recovery: for common hard drive, if data are deleted or lost unexpectedly, users can turn to professional data recovery agencies or utilities for help. Modern drives also integrate DRAM with the Flash memory to further improve performance, and to cache data in case of a power failure.

The difficult part with PS4

The Xbox One has Xbox Live, which is generally about $60 a year (though you can find subscription cards for cheaper. All of that is wrapped up in nifty multitasking functionality that makes it possible to flip between a game, a Netflix movie and a TV show without losing game progress. Similarly, Intel’s new Smart Response Technology is a similar method of caching on a small solid state drive to produce similar results. The article also reported that while HDD prices have not dropped too much, SSD prices have consistently fallen month over month and are nearing parity with HDD. But for SSD, in most cases, data are lost forever once they get missing.

Speed is the number one factor to consider when picking an SSD drive. I tend to buy them for $40). The PS4 has PlayStation Plus, which sells for $50 a year. It’s far from perfect: It’s difficult to tell what apps are currently running, you can’t adjust the volume while running two apps at once, and the Xbox has a worrying tendency to unceremoniously close games without warning. Reliability is also a key factor for portable drives. Until recently, SSDs were too expensive and only available in smaller sizes. 128 GB and 256 GB laptops are common when using SSD drives while laptops with HDD internal drives are typically 500 GB to 1 TB.

In testing a typically hard drive will return somewhere between 50-100Mbps depending on the speed and quality of the drive. Lately, both services have offered free downloadable games for their subscription members, but Sony has so far been much more successful at this, offering several free games every month for their fans. But hopefully that stuff will be fixed in future software updates. Hard drive platters are very fragile and sensitive materials. Some vendors — including Apple — offer “fusion” drives that combine 1 SSD and 1 HDD drive that work seamlessly together.

make sure the SSD you buy fits into PS4 drive bay

Using SSD and HDD together with PS4

With an SSD you can expect that to rise to somewhere between 300MBps and 500Mbps. Both systems also have voice chat functionality (the Xbox One has full HD video chat via Skype), web browsers, support for services like Hulu and Netflix and more. With an SSD added to PS4, your favorite game console can run faster and the games will load in a lesser time. The PS4 handles non-game media about the same as the PS3 did. Even small jarring movements from an short drop can cause the drive to have issues. However, with 3D NAND, SSDs are likely to close the capacity gap with HDD drives by the end of 2016.

So it’s roughly going to be between 5x to 10x faster at reading data. Most of Sony’s online services are free to all, while Microsoft has traditionally been more likely to lock theirs behind the Xbox Live paywall (though an entire family can benefit from one Xbox Live Gold account this time around).Both systems have robust parental control options that can lock out select content for child accounts. You can open up apps like Netflix and the like, but there’s no broader concept underpinning it all. Since the SSD stores all its data in memory chips, there are fewer moving parts to be damaged in any sort of impact. In July 2015, Samsung announced it was releasing 2TB SSD drives that use SATA connectors.

This makes a huge difference when running your Mac: opening documents, starting programs and even booting up all happen much faster. You can, for example, restrict games that have a certain ESRB rating (such as M for Mature), which alone is a worthwhile feature. The console also can’t multitask all that well — if you open up Netflix, you’ll have to close the game you’re playing, and vice versa. While mechanically SSD drives are better, they do have a limited life span. While HDD technology is likely to cap out at about 10 TB, there is no such restriction for flash storage.

The storage limitation of SSD

You don’t have to watch icons bouncing in the dock, and you’ll see far less of the spinning rainbow ‘waiting’ icon. The same restrictions can be applied to DVDs and Blurays. It’s nice to be able to access the menus and adjust settings without closing your game, but that’s as far as the PS4 goes. (Update: Nicely, it turns out you can in fact suspend Netflix playback to play a game then go back without losing progress in either. This comes from a fixed number of write cycles that can be done on a drive before the cells become unusable. In fact, in August 2015, Samsung unveiled the world’s largest hard drive — a 16TB SSD drive.

Going back to a regular hard drive after used an SSD for a while is extremely difficult. You can also limit what online interactions your child can take part in, disabling features like the web browser and chat functionalities, as well as the ability to play multiplayer games online. Good show, Sony.) The PS4 is also notably missing DLNA compatibility, though Sony has said they’re looking into adding it post-launch. For most consumers however, the write cycle limits tend to still allow the drives to last longer than the average computer system. Due to the physical nature of HDDs and their magnetic platters that store data, IO operations (reading from or writing to the disk) work much faster when data is stored contiguously on the disk.

Expanding the free space on SSD

Because SSD drives do not have a spinning platter they are also completely silent in operation. Both systems also have options to restrict access to their digital stores. Microsoft has clearly gone whole-hog on the idea that the Xbox One will be more than a gaming platform, and their dedication shows. As with most computer technologies, the primary limiting factor of using the solid state drives in laptop and desktop computers is cost. When a file’s data is stored on different parts of the disk, IO speeds are reduced because the disk needs to spin for different regions of the disk to come in contact with the read/write heads.

The only sound you’ll hear from your Mac is the sound of the fan in use, which is often also very quiet in most Macs. On the Xbox you can turn off access altogether or limit downloads to only products that are free. They haven’t nailed the execution yet — the multitasking has some significant deficiencies and Kinect isn’t quite reliable enough to replace a controller or remote — but they’re pushing forward, full-steam ahead. These drives have actually been available for some time now and have come down dramatically in price but they still cost roughly three times or much more the cost of a traditional hard drive for the same rough storage cacity. Often there is not enough contiguous space available to store all the data in a file.

Simply, PS4 SSD is not for everyone

No more clicking and whirring. On the PS4 you can turn off access or set a monthly spending limit for PlayStation Store purchases. Xbox One will likely double down on media stuff in the years to come, particularly if Microsoft inks deals with cable providers to turn the Xbox One into a subsidized, double-duty cable box. The higher capacity the hard drive, the greater the cost differential becomes. This results in fragmentation of the HDD. SSD drives are assumed to be more reliable than HDD drives. You can find more information about setting these controls up from Microsoft and Sony, though both systems do a pretty good job of walking you through the process when you set up the console and/or account for the first time. The PS4 seems unambitious by comparison, but then, Sony has their own set of priorities. Capacity is also a major factor in the adoption of solid state drives. Periodic defragmentation is needed to keep the device from slowing down in performance.

an SSD in PS4 NEO seems to be a much better investment

Because they do not have a spinning platter, or motor, or moving actuator arm it is generally thought that there’s less moving parts that are likely to go wrong. Both systems only come with one controller by default, and neither system is compatible with the previous system’s controllers. The PS4 has an excellent controller. The average laptop computer equipped with a SSD will have around 128 to 256GB of storage. With SSD disks, there are no such physical restrictions for the read/write head.
Of course this is weighted against the fact that HDD development is many years in, and SSD technology is being rapidly improved. And extras won’t come cheap. The ergonomic aspects of the DualShock 4 are designed to accomplish two things: Pitch your hands slightly forward and keep them in place. This is roughly equivalent to what laptops of several years ago came equipped with. So the physical location of the data on the disk does not matter as it does not impact performance.

The drawbacks of SSD

Many SSD drives have shown errors or problems, Crucial had trouble with memory leaks in its M4 model (although this was fixed with a Firmware update.) There’s little reliable information about long-term reliablility of SSDs, but the general assumption is that they’ll last longer. Both retail for $59.99 each. The textured underside of the grip lets my back three fingers grab hold in a pleasing way. Today, most laptops feature 500GB or more of storage with a hard drive. Therefore, defragmentation is not necessary for SSD. On the plus side, both controllers are fantastic. The hooked triggers catch my index fingers and give them purchase. Desktop systems have an even greater disparity between SSD and hard drives as the average desktop comes with 1TB or more of storage. HDD disks are audible because they spin. Still, if you want to buy three extra controllers so a family of four can play a game, it’s going to get pricey.

The cups on the thumbsticks give my thumbs somewhere to rest. Even with the huge difference in capacity, many people are finding that most computers have far more storage capacity than they typically have. HDD drives in smaller form factors (e.g. 2.5 inch) are quieter. Of note is the battery life of the PS4 controller, which is not great. I was genuinely startled by how great the controller felt the first time I used one. Only a large collection of raw digital photo files and high definition video files will likely fill up hard drives quickly. SSD drives are integrated circuits with no moving parts and therefore do not make noise when operating. If you plan on playing game for hours at a time, keep a long charging cable handy. The speaker and headphone jack are also nice; very cool of Sony to make it so easy to pipe game audio out through the controller to any set of headphones. As a result, solid state drives will generally offer a sufficient level of storage for most laptop computers.

Measuring SSD Endurance inside PS4

A typical HDD consists of a spindle that holds one or more flat circular disks (called platters) onto which the data is recorded. The Xbox One uses standard AA batteries out of the box. Some have complained about the placement of the Options button, but I actually don’t mind it and have quickly adjusted. Additionally, high performance external options thanks to USB 3.0, USB 3.1 and even Thunderbolt make adding extra storage space with an external hard drive quick and easy for non-essential files. The platters are made from a non-magnetic material and are coated with a thin layer of magnetic material.
Keep in mind, too, that not all games even support four players at a time. The touchpad, however, doesn’t seem to respond quite like I expect a touchpad to and it’s awkwardly placed. Read-and-write heads are positioned on top of the disks. Skylanders, Disney Infinity and the Lego games, for example, are limited to two people at a time. I’m reserving judgment until some game or other makes real, substantive use of it.

storing games and movies on SSD within PS4 system

The platters are spun at very high speeds with a motor. The light-bar is the only big WTF from me; it reflects in my TV annoyingly and doubtless lowers the controller’s already-short battery life. A typical hard drive has two electric motors, one to spin the disks and one to position the read/write head assembly. I’m surprised there isn’t a built-in option to at least dim the light-bar, since I’d rather not put electrical tape on my new controller (and that wouldn’t help the battery life anyway). Hopefully that will come at some point in the near future. Data is written to a platter as it rotates past the read/write heads.

The tough test

The Xbox One controller stays close to the design of the Xbox 360 controller, which is good, because the Xbox 360 controller is a darn good controller. The read-and-write head can detect and modify the magnetization of the material immediately under it. I find myself questioning some of the changes Microsoft has made — I don’t immediately love the new triggers, which feel mushy, or the longer thumbsticks, which make my thumbs feel like they’re on stilts. The shoulder buttons are also weirder than I’d initially thought, and I’m not really a fan. I’ve played more first-person shooters since when I wrote my review, and haven’t yet warmed to the sticks or triggers — my thumb has so much farther to travel with each movement that it makes my aim feel looser.

Last words

The triggers, too, don’t provide much by way of resistance, which makes it tricky for me to tell when my on-screen character is actually going to fire. So, still not loving the Xbox controller, though I’ve seen plenty of other people saying they prefer the softer triggers. PS4 SSD can be a great addition to your gaming console if you know how to use it exactly and can, at the same time, afford its price. The removal of the exterior battery pack makes switching the batteries more difficult, but the controller itself has outstanding battery life — my primary controller is still on its first two batteries with no end in sight. Controller trigger-rumble is cool, but hasn’t been used in enough games to tell me whether it’ll be the way of the future or just another gimmick. Still, none of those niggles take away from what is fundamentally a well-designed controller.

The Xbox One controller is a very good controller. But Sony has gotten so much right with the DualShock 4 — the feel, the shape, the triggers, the headphone output and speaker, even the as-yet-untested touchpad — that it’s easy to forgive what they’ve gotten wrong (the light bar and battery life). I recently found myself looking up ways to hack my PC to let me play my Steam games with the PS4 controller instead of the Xbox 360 controller I normally use. That kinda says it all.