PS4 4TB Hard Drive Upgrade Options

To answer that question, we took a look at Backblaze’s latest numbers. On Pi Day 2016 the folks over at WD Labs released, PiDrive, a custom-engineered WD Hard Drive that is more power efficient than a standard storage drive that will unlock the possibilities of what the Raspberry Pi can do. PS4 is now supporting a hard drive capacity up to 4TB which is supposed to suffice the extreme needs of power users who have lots of data to store on the internal hard drive of PS4. Storage devices for personal computers have always been a tricky proposition. To have a current generation solid state drive as your main system storage solution is a thing of beauty. On February 20th, the highly anticipated next-generation video game home console Sony Playstation 4 was announced to the world.

How big is a 4TB hard drive

These are the lucky employees that get to look at niche markets that might have some growth potential and then get to tinker with custom-made RC cars that use the WD PiDrive on a Rasperry Pi to record video. Speaking relatively, it was only recently (less than a decade) that solid state storage became mainstream, and even today the costs of flash production make rotating media the better option for bulk data storage. But there is a trade off. Now that PlayStation 4‘s hard drive upgrade is made very easy by Sony, you can go to whatever capacity of hard drive available in 2.5-inch form factor and less than 9.5mm thickness. Much to the disappointment of diehard PlayStation fans around the world though, the announcement didn’t seem to say enough about the new console (heck, they didn’t even reveal the casing design!).To be fair, the revelation of some of the new features and powerful specifications did give us a heads-up on what to expect from future PS4 unveilings.

PS4 allows its users to upgrade to larger hard drive capacity

  • The company breaks down its data in two ways — by manufacturer, and by specific drive.
  • WD Labs, the skunk works of WD, has been tinkering with the the idea of a PiDrive since 2015.
  • While the majority of computer parts are solid state, the computer industry has spent most of its life storing bits on electromechanical mechanical devices like tapes and floppy disks.
  • They are fast beyond belief and make system startup and loading programs peppier than ever.
  • It was the second new-gen console to be revealed following the launch of Wii U on 18th November last year.
  • The data is fairly complex, but we’ll try to break it down into bits of easy-to-digest, actionable information. (Read: How a hard drive works.)As of the end of December 2014, Backblaze had 15,528 Seagate drives, 22,902 Hitachi drives, 1,174 Western Digital drives, and 47 Toshiba drives.

These drives are not all the same age — some are several years old, while many were installed in the past year, including thousands of brand new 4TB and even a few 6TB models. WD Labs quietly sent out a handful of prototypes in 2015 to some of those involved in the open source/DIY Raspberry Pi community. Hard drives are typically vented to atmosphere, as the Bernoulli Effect is necessary as part of what keep the drive heads flying above the rotating platters. With a 4TB hard drive used in PS4, the game console will have a huge capacity for whatever a user wants to store. Solid state hard drives are not cheap. In particular, the development of the new console seems to revolve around cloud-gaming, the sharing of game experiences and new methods of game interaction.

The 4TB HDD brands available for PS4

The odd numbers are because Backblaze basically buys whatever drive offers the most competitive dollar-per-gigabyte ratio, with reliability being a secondary factor. They got some feedback on this custom storage solution and have made a ton of firmware refinements over the past year to ensure the drive is properly power optimized for the Raspberry Pi platform. With any vented enclosure, there is always the risk of atmospheric contaminants finding their way in. Prices have come down, but they still exceed $1 per gigabyte. Here is a summary of 10 things you need to know about PS4 so far.

For most of the last five years, Seagate and Hitachi have offered the best price-per-gig, with Western Digital Red and Toshiba DT01ACA drives only recently becoming viable (although there are too few Toshiba drives to draw any conclusions yet). Now PS4 fans are inclined to go even for more than 4TB capacity upgrade due to the loads of movies and games that require capacious storage space on the hard drive. As you can see from the graph above, Hitachi drives are by far the most reliable. WD Labs must have the PiDrive dialed in as WD recently promoted the launch of the PiDrive! Sure there are HEPA-class filters at the vent holes, but they can’t stop organic vapors that may slightly degrade the disk surface over time. Large capacity and affordability do not go hand in hand. If you haven’t got the slightest idea what these details mean, have a look at the amazing games such high specifications are able to develop.

Even though many of Backblaze’s Hitachi drives are several years old, they only have an annual failure rate of 2% or so on average. The WD PiDrive allows the Raspberry Pi community to easily create and store content on a power optimized hard drive that will play nice with the latest Raspberry Pi boards. By filling a hard disk with an inert gas and hermetically sealing the disk housing, we can eliminate those potential issues. Even at 128gb, a solid state drive as a system drive will require regular monitoring and management to keep sufficient free space for smooth system operations. Here are a couple of trailers and gameplays from what some believe to be the launch titles: Destiny, Watch Dogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Deep Down, The Witness, Knack and Drive Club.

PS4 hard drive upgrade process is easy and quick

The hard drive capacity limitation

And the latest HGST drives have a failure rate of just 1.4%. The “annual failure rate” is the chance of a drive dying within a 12-month period. This is special drive that is designed especially for use with the Raspberry Pi Model B+, Pi 2 Model B, and Pi 3 Model B. An added bonus is that if Helium is used, its lower density enables lower air friction of the rotating platters, which translates to lower power consumption when compared to an equivalent air-filled HDD. It is not surprising, many system builder use SSDs for storage, RAID arrays and dedicated video game drives. What can a large hard drive do for PS4 if a 4TB capacity is not enough for the thirst of power users? Since Sony has yet to showcase the PS4’s full hardware specifications, they are also keeping mum over the exact pricing of the gaming console.

Western Digital is worse, but still impressive: After three years of operation, 92.4% of Western Digital Red 3TB drives are still running — not terrific, but still good. The WD PiDrive 314GB model that we are looking at today is sold under part number WD3140LMCW and has a list price of $45.81. Ever since HGST released their Helium filled drives, I’ve been waiting for this technology to trickle down to consumer products, and Western Digital has recently brought such a product to market. Today we’re looking at the insanely large 4tb internal hard drive from Western Digital. The only clue they offered is this comment made by their president, Mr Shuhei Yoshida:“The architecture choice we have made this time around has allowed us not to invest to create dedicated factories and conducting factories and things like that — so that helps in order for us to provide an affordable price to consumers. “Playstation 3 was selling for US$500-600 when it was first launched in 2006, but such pricing for PS4 is likely to deter sales.

PS4 storage requirements

It’s comes in a 3.5-inch form factor with a dynamic cache of 32-64mb. One of the most discussed features of the PS4 is its newly upgraded controller, the DualShock 4. Thanks to the new 4TB version, the numbers improve tremendously, as the second graph indicates below, with an excellent failure rate of just 2.6% — indicating that even a few years out, they should do much better than the 3TB models. The WD Store sells the PiDrive cables and enclosure individually as well, so if you went with the bare WD PiDrive 314GB you can always buy the needed accessories later if needed. We also see a slight bump in claimed transfer rates. The drive ships “bare” and without a software bundle or SATA and power cables. At first glance, the most obvious design upgrade is the longer and more rounded handles and the addition of a touchpad just above the two toggle sticks.

  1. Seagate 3TB drives turned out to be a disaster, with over 40% failing throughout 2014.
  2. It is on special this month for Pi Day and can be purchased for just $31.42 plus shipping from the WD Store.
  3. Today we will be diving into our full performance review of the Western Digital 8TB Red.
  4. The WD Black 4TB 7200rpm hard drive is designed for maximum performance and connects via SATA 6gb/s cable.
  5. Casual gaming on smartphones and the fierce competition that PS4 is expected to face from other next-gen consoles such as the recently released Wii U (US$300) in November last year and the next Xbox console (presumably the Xbox 720), Sony is probably observing the situation before it determines the final price tag.
  6. In 2013, the failure rate was 9.6% — high, and a kind of foreshadowing, in retrospect.
  7. If you want even more storage drive space you can move up to the WD PiDrive Kit that comes with a 1TB PiDrive (model WDLB001RNN), 4GB mideoSD card w/ SD adapter, WD PiDrive cable, 5V power adapter and the WD PiDrive enclosure for $79.99 shipped.
  8. Compared to the 6TB Red, the 8TB model doubles its cache size to 128MB.

In general, then, if you want a reliable hard drive, you should stay with 4TB for the best value and reliability, and go with either Hitachi or Seagate. Here are the links if you need them: PiDrive and Raspberry Pi, enclosure for just the PiDrive, and the special USB cable. Idle power consumption sees a slight bump due to different electronics in use, and power/capacity figures check out as well (more on that later as we will include detailed power testing in this article). I’m extremely impressed to see Western Digital essentially repackage a Helium-filled enterprise HDD in consumer form. Have those handy or get caught ill-prepared. The latter is a two-point capacitive pad that features a click mechanism.

almost any 4TB hard drive with SATA interface can be added to PS4

If you’re looking for a specific drive model that has good longevity, the numbers break down interestingly. Now if you’re looking at the PiDrive and thinking that the drive doesn’t look right, you’re not crazy. I’m even more impressed that they have done so while matching the cost/GB of their lower capacity air-filled models. Despite a dearth of included materials, there is little cause for pause. Players can expect a new form of gaming interaction by swiping on the touchpad.

Storing more data on a 4TB capacity

The Hitachi GST Deskstar 5K3000 3TB has proven very reliable, but expensive compared with other HGST models. This drive does not feature the typical standard SATA data cable connector or the SATA power connectors. We’ve seen companies like Intel do the same with their SSDs, but there is typically a price premium on the consumer product. Now even a PS4 with 4TB hard drive can run out of space if you just go download any movie or game you desire. You need to constrain the amount of data stored on the PS4 internal HDD in order to make more room for more important files. Let’s see why. A light bar at the top of the controller shows three LEDs, indicating multiplayer modes.

Using an external hard drive instead

Get one of these drives and you’re almost guaranteed (97-98%) to make it through three years without a dead drive. WD removed them and fit the drives circuit board with a USB controller and a micro USB 3.0 connector to reduce the electrical power load of the hard drive on the Raspberry Pi device. Not so with the new 8TB Western Digital Red. Installing the WD Black 4TB is child’s play. The differently colored lights are for easier identification during gameplay and for indicating statuses, i.e. health status of in-game characters.

If you want a 4TB drive for PS4, the Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000 is your best bet — it has a slightly higher failure rate, but still below WD and Seagate’s offerings. This means that there is no need for a USB hub, external drive cage, or docking station. Even with a slower 5400 RPM spindle speed, the new 8TB Red’s larger cache and faster controller enable some performance metrics to approach 7200 RPM performance levels. You will need a SATA 6gb/s cable and a STA power cable to connect the drive to your system’s powers supply. The lights are also expected to interact with built-in cameras (PlayStation 4 Eye) of the console to produce motion-sensing capabilities, just like the PlayStation Move.

before upgrading to 4TB try to backup your PS4 data first

Adding a 4TB hard drive to PS4

Then connect the cables. On the top right, is the Option (merging Select and Share options), and on the top-left the Share button (more on that later). The new controller also comes with a built-in speaker and a stereo headset jack at the bottom to generate quality sound effects from both the TV and the controller.

  • As far as poor reliability goes, Seagate had some nasty offenders, particularly the 3TB 7200.14 model.
  • More on why that is good later.n using the Micro SD card and WD PiDrive as the boot drive I then tested the boot and shutdown times.
  • With improved performance and competitive cost/GB, the only reason to overlook this product would be if you simply did not need such large capacity drives in your NAS or media server.
  • Screw the drive in to one of your available drive bays.
  • The new improved six-axis sensor (3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyroscope) is probably incorporated to the controller for the same purpose.
  • But the latest 4TB 7200.15 drives are turning out to be a solid way to go.
  • The speed difference between the two most noticeable on start up and shut down.
  • In today’s review, I am taking a look at a mechanical hard disk, but it isn’t one that is intended for your desktop system.

They think this is due to the large amounts of vibration caused by thousands of other hard drives. (They also think that their aggressive spin-down setting, which is ostensibly to save power, causes a lot of wear to the drive.) Seagate is the definitely the least expensive brand, and the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

Using a 1TB SSD on PS4

Backblaze also notes that some drives (the Western Digital Green 3TB and Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB) start producing errors as soon as they’re slotted into a storage pod. On start up you have to wait for the platters in the PiDrive to spin up, on shut down you have to wait for the slow write speed of the Micro SD card to finish all the writes back to the disk on shutdown. Don’t think that using a solid state drive (SSD) on PS4 will provide you with huge benefits like the case with computers. Because simply that’s not true due to the limitation of bus speed of PS4 hard drive connectivity. Western Digital created their Purple line of hard disk drives to be the perfect choice for digital video recording, network video recording, and surveillance systems. Power your system and let Windows do the rest. It appears that the next-generation of gaming will be focusing on motion-sensing controls, what with the popularity of earlier devices like Wii Remote, Xbox 360 Kinect and PlayStation Move.

brand capacities notes
If all you care about is getting the most bang or storage for your buck
then you cannot do better than the Toshiba E300 a hard disk drive that has
been designed to consume as little power as possible just 5.4W in read/write mode
The Japanese company which invented flash memory amongst other things is not well
known for its storage devices This model steals the show by offering the cheapest per

The use of BerryBoot only slowed the boot time down for as long as it takes for you to click the boot button, if you wait for the BerryBoot to time out then your boot time can be 40 seconds to the login screen. On the test bench today is the 6TB version of this WD Purple surveillance hard disk. I was prompted to restart upon successful driver installation. We only recommend a 4TB capacity hard drive ofr enthusiast PS4 players who need to take their game console to the next level and have tons of data to keep accessible on the internal hard drive of PS4. This time round, the newly developed camera device for PS4 comprises of a pair of high-sensitive cameras with impressive wide-angle lenses of 85-degree diagonal angle views, capable of determining the depth of space of the players reliably.

4TB is a huge hard drive capacity that can last for years in PS4 box


However, you shouldn’t take this single study as an accurate measure. Power draw was a little harder to test. All hard disk drives may look the same on the outside, but there is a big difference in what is inside and how it works. PS4 allows a 4TB HDD upgrade without any hassle after its latest firmware update version 3.5. But does a regular user need that massive storage capacity of a hard drive? I doubt it.

Ignoring this, I navigated my system to Disk Management where I quickly formatted the drive and separated it into two relatively equal partitions (2tb and 1.79tb). Easy enough. The high-end cameras also made possible the use of face recognition to log in to the console. It is well known that different products within each brand can have a huge difference in reliability. I’m not an Electrical Engineer so I don’t have access to the neat stuff like power monitors that can read in the milliamp range, So need to do a little math. That is also the main reason that you should pick a drive suited for the task at hand and not just any random drive of the shelve. We’re making this deep capacity drive our main system storage drive. Apart from that, four microphones are embedded to detect sounds and their sources accurately.