Which HDD Capacity is right for a PS4 storage upgrade?

Prior to the month or so I have had these drives, I had never had the opportunity to test helium technology. With the launch of the 8TB Red, WD has seemingly stabilized the platform enough to trust it out in the wild with consumers and in introducing this with the NASware 3.0 platform, consumers do get a sense that these new drives have undergone “FIT” testing. In addition, with the 8TB Red now being launched, we have options for drives designed to be used in multiple drive enclosures such as NAS, DAS, and workstations. The performance of the 8TB Red was quite good. At the beginning of testing when I was running through IOMeter and several other benchmarks I normally run, I didn’t really notice how good the 8TB was.

It wasn’t until I started punching numbers into the charts that I saw it placing a beating on many of the drive I tested in the past, including the Red Pro. ATTO disk bench produced 180 MB/s on both end read and write and moving to Random testing, the Red was able to knock out nearly 600 IOPS read and 50 IOPS write. Using a 4TB hard drive for PS4 may match the needs of power users who need a capacious hard drive to store their huge files.

PS4 Hard Drive Swap

Having a 4TB HDD capacity in PS4

IOMeter with sequential was spot on with what we saw in ATTO, 180 MB/s read and write but moving to the “SMB” or Workloads testing, I was genuinely astonished to see how well this drive did. Even using an SSHD for PS4 is not recommended for every user unless those who need a compromise of the speed of SSD and the capacity of HDD. Database produced 450 IOPs, 250 more than the Red Pro, while File Server and Email Server brought in 390 and 500, respectively. In finalizing my testing, I ran through the Workstation load and once again the 8TB Red topped all with 520 IOPs. In closing, the WD Red in the new 8TB capacity is one of the most impressive drives I have tested, and that’s after seeing nearly every new drive come through in the past four years.

2TB hard drive capacity may not be enough

I’ve worked closely with several companies with IT departments that managed hundreds of computers. The Raspberry Pi is designed such that I can provide 100mA to each of the USB ports, so 400mA total to the USB. As WD puts it: “You wouldn’t use a bicycle to transport cargo across the country because it is not the right tool for the job.”Whether you want to protect your personal assets and loved ones or monitor the business you worked hard to build, you’ll want surveillance-class storage to rely on. Windows 8 installs in about 30-45min. These two awesome features will get players more engaged with the gaming experience by means of body movements and voices.

The limitation of storage

Over the last decade or so, there has never been a clear consensus on the “best” brand for reliability. Raspberrypi.org says you can power a single 500mA device, but it is not recommended as it would cause stability issues. Not only are these drives built for 24/7 usage in environments up to 8 disks, they also come with enhanced firmware built just for this kind of operation. Not to say that upgrading PS4 hard drive has become an increasing trend among PS4 fanboys. But what if you want to clone your drive and don’t want to labor over a fresh install? Not only does the PlayStation 4 Eye support the PlayStation Move controller, it also detects the latter’s motion much more acutely and accurately than its predecessor, the PlayStation Eye for PS3.

Using larger hard drives with PS4

Magnetic drives have moving parts, and they all wear out. Math time! When it comes to surveillance, every frame counts, and every frame has to be perfect. Western Digital leaves you in a lurch on that end. This includes the newly installed lights on the controller as well for better positioning of the players.
Over time, there is a 100% failure rate on all lines in all brands. Go with the high side of 500mA and take out 100 for cheap mouse/keyboard and the LAN, leave us with 400mA. This is especially noticeable when many cameras are using the drives simultaneously. With a PS4 4TB hard drive capacity you can make sure that running out of space is just a matter of history. For this we booted up our Acronis True Image HD hard drive utility. Just like your smartphone and tablet, PS4 enables gamers to resume his or her last game session exactly where they left off, making “immediate gameplay” possible.

Installing a 4TB hard drive on PS4 requires an additional equipment

Storing data on PS4 hard drive

This is why every computer I work with has multiple levels of automated backup, and the servers have RAID redundancy. So 400mA x 5V/1000 = 2W, yup that’s whopping 2 watts of power. WD’s Purple series has no trouble here and it is designed to work with up to 32 HD cameras. You can get a limited version when you buy a OCZ Vector drive. The “suspend mode” (a low power state) cuts down the time it takes to boot the console, load the game and finally assess your saved game.

Even if it was concluded beyond a doubt that the Seagate drives had higher failure on average, it wouldn’t necessarily stop me from buying them. I hooked the Raspberry Pi up to my Kil-A-Watt meter to see what the system draws. But is the current PS4 memory able to handle the loads of data sent to it consistently from the hard drive? This is what the experience will judge. The drives don’t just have to be perfect for the scenario that they are to be used in, they also need to be compatible with the systems themselves. With it were able to clone our 1.5tb system drive to the WD Black 4TB in about 2hrs. All you need to do is hit the power button again and you can continue playing from there.

Going with SSD instead of HDD

Backblaze reports about a 25% failure rate at 36 months, which is quite bad. With just the Pi’s power supply, Raspberry Pi 3, wired keyboard and mouse the power draw at the wall was 4 watts at boot up, 3 watts for file transfer from network, and setting idle at the desktop. WD made sure that this was the case by working closely with industry leading chassis and chipset manufacturers. Transfer went without a hitch and the 4TB boots flawlessly with all our system content. This ‘immediate gameplay’ also means that the game can be updated while you’re playing it, enabling new features to be incorporated instantaneously after they have been downloaded and installed in the background.

PS4 hard drive upgrade procedure is very easy

SSD is more expensive and less in capacity

But you also have to consider the cost of their drives, which I’ve occasionally seen at 50% less per GB compared to WD and Hitachi. Adding in the WD PiDrive as the boot drive it bumped the start up draw to 6 watts. If you got an NVR system, you’ll most likely find the WD Purple on the official list of supported drives. One of the coolest features of the drive is one that plays a bit in the background and is not evident to the user. To further sweeten the deal, gamers can start playing the game after it has been purchased even before the digital title has been completely downloaded.

Storing PS4 games safely on a 4TB hard drive

Seagate would still be an option, with the failure risk being taken into account in a calculated estimate of real cost over time of ownership. That’s pushing the 2 watt buffer we have. Also, PS4 4TB is a good option for enthusiasts who don’t feel the stock hard drive can suffice anymore. The entire line of WD Purple drives, from 1TB up to 6TB, all feature 64MB cache and come in the same 3.5-inch form factor. This is the dynamic cache. It looks like I was right about secondary screens for gaming in Future of Gaming: 5 Exciting Emerging Trends.

When the time comes to buy a new batch of drives, our purchase decision is always made based on this. Same for the PiDrive and Flash drive combo. WD also used their IntelliPower system that we know from such drives as the RED series, that uses variable speeds to bring the performance that is needed without excessive noise from the motors. It purportedly improves performance in real time by optimizing cache allocation between read and write functions. PS3 was linked with PlayStation Vita through Cross-Play, and players are able to stop playing the game on one device and resume on the other.