How much HDD storage space is needed for PS4

My expereince with seagate is 100% drive failure within 6 months comparing 4 seagate drives. When I tried to use the PiDrive and the Passport drive in at the same time, the system did not like that one bit. The drives naturally also differentiate in power consumption. The WD Black 4TB a fantastic drive. Also a new update is the development of the new “PlayStation App” for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

From 2TB to 4TB Hard Drive Capacity

I simply will never buy a product that uses seagate drives, or a company that is owned by seagate. It actually corrupted some boot files when it locked up as soon as I added the second drive in. The bigger the drive, the bigger the power draw, that is if the word big even applies here. Really my only complaints are the lack of included materials and the price tag. Players can use their handheld devices as secondary screens to supplement their gameplay. When deciding on upgrading PS4 stock hard drive to 4TB capacity, you need to bear in mind that you’ll need a desktop 3.5-inch hard drive for this purpose, as there’s no laptop hard drive can fit into PS4’s drive bay. That is why i went to mac, to avoid manufactured laptops with seagate drives. I then removed the keyboard and mouse, and tried the PiDrive and 320GB My Passport drive, the system would mount the drives but as soon as I tried to transfer files the system would lock. The WD Purple 6TB draws 5.3W during read and write operations, 4.9W when idle, and 0.4W when in standby or sleep mode. It’s affordable relative the capacity and similar offerings but $300+ is never an easily digestible expense. For instance, you can be navigating your character from a first or third-person perspective on a TV screen, but using your smartphone to display your in-game map.

Using an external hard drive enclosure when upgrading PS4 HDD

Why a 4TB HDD capacity is recommended

I have owned several WD drives they seem to last 5+ years. So, if you want to run more than one hard drive you will need a powered hub or the WD PiDrive Cable. The noise level is almost identical on all the models, but there are differences. Using a 4TB hard drive for PS4 is recommended for power users or enthusiasts who have loads of data to store on the internal storage device of PS4. I should mention, this drive is not recommended for RAID arrays. Other possible uses include purchasing game titles on-the-go and getting them downloaded into your console at home and watching real-time gameplays of other players online. The only one that died on me lasted for 5 years before failing, and it was on 24/7. I have a few now that are over 4 years some running 24/7. my experience with WD is great. and if you look at the graph closely it appears that the initial drive failure of WD is within the first month which suggests that maybe they have bad shipment practices, but after that the decrease due to actual failures is reduced in fact better than Hitachi.

More storage expansion options

REALLY look at the graph, Hitachi actually has a steeper slope than WD, basically if you get a WD drive and it dies within 30 days you bring it back to the store, if it doesn’t die within 30 days, chances are you have a good drive with a lower percentage drive failure rate than hitachi. Adding a hybrid drive (SSHD) to PS4 might be the best option for a variety of PS4 users who cannot afford the high price of SSD yet they need some performance boost for their game console. This thing could be used as flash light. The largest drives are also the loudest with a dBA rating of 25 when idle and 26 when seeking. Despite WD advising against it, many are reporting very successful RAID use scenarios with speed reaching 250mb/s. Gaikai, a cloud-based game service was recently acquired by Sony last July, leading many to believe that its upcoming PS4 will incorporate cloud gaming capabilities.

PS4 hard drive can be upgraded to any size the user wants

PS4 internal hard drive swap procedure

The LED is insanely bright and I couldn’t find a pattern as to why sometimes it blinked and others it was solid. With a weight of 750grams, the 6TB model is also the heaviest of them all. That great news. True enough, Sony announced on Feb 20 that their PlayStation Network (PSN) will be integrated with Gaikai’s cloud technology. Either way, it is BRIGHT. I’ve previously mentioned the firmware and that this was an important factor, and it is. We’ll not have to go for an SSD to replace the PS4 hard drive because an SSD is way to expensive to be in PS4, as well as PS4 will not benefit immensely from its superb performance like a PC does. The WD is also not ideal if lightening fast system startups are what you seek. Leveraging on the latter’s ability to render high-end games on their remote servers before streaming them to internet-connect devices, gamers are now able to play high-end games of their interest from the PlayStation Store instantaneously without needing to consider the hardware limits of their device. I ended up putting electrical tape over it for my testing. One of the things that make the WD Purple series so great is the exclusive AllFrame technology that works with ATA streaming to reduce error pixelation and video interruptions that easily occur when desktop drives are incorrectly used in security systems.

Identifying compatible hard drives with PS4

I clocked Win 7 and Win 8 booting in about 35 seconds. Such service offers players unprecedented freedom to try out top-notch games before purchasing those that they really want from PS Store. This LED is truly the only down side I have about the PiDrive. Missed frames and lost footage is a serious problem when an event occurs and surveillance footage needs to be retrieved. Not the peppiest. A friend’s game can also be streamed and you can even take over too! Why replacing the stock hard drive of PS4 with 4TB is advisable for some users only and not all? This depends on how the user will use their game console. The WD PiDrive gives you enough disk space that you could make the Raspberry Pi 3 into a viable light duty low power desktop. WD Purple with AllFrame provides the confidence you should expect when it’s time to play back and review critical surveillance footage. But I found no stability issues and those read/write speeds are pretty good for a 7200rpm platter drive. In theory, you can essentially stream any games you want with the only catch being that you have a fast enough internet connection.

a 4TB is a better option for a variety of PS4 users

Backup PS4 hard drive Data

I have used the Pi 3 and PiDrive combo for couple weeks now and for general office work it has done well for me. It has been quite a long time since I have dusted off the HDD test equipment, so I was certainly excited to get the new helium-filled WD Red 8TB in the lab. Going through the PS4 HDD upgrade process would require an external hard drive to backup your personal data stored on PS4 stock HDD. This includes older games from previous consoles. It took me a bit to get used to LibreOffice, and fiddling with remote desktop settings, but I got to the point where I could do a lot of my daily office work off of this setup, granted I wasn’t going to do 6 things at once, but work could be done. With Seagate now expanding their SMR technology into all product ranges, it’s good to see WD getting their technology where it needs to be to compete in the market.

It’s probably good to note that we should be mindful of Sony’s pricing plans. Another advantage to using the WD PiDrive is that a swap-file can be used to give the system hard drive space to use as RAM. With advancements in technology, WD has now brought their HelioSeal technology to the NAS market in the 8TB WD Red. This helped when it come to running programs like Gimp for editing images.


This drive like the 6TB utilizes NASware 3.0 which significantly improves the reliability and performance, along with StableTrac and 3D Active Balance improving the resilience of the Red platform in multi-drive installations. The Raspberry Pi 3 only has 1GB of RAM, with PiDrive I can bolster that with a 4GB swap-file. The 8TB Red is supported in up to eight-bay tower platforms while the Red Pro is dedicated to Rackmount infrastructure. If you are running a flash based drive you don’t want to use a swap-file as it will burn out that spot in the flash. To get into more detail, let’s slide down and check out the spec sheet from WD. Same for just regular usage of a SD card as the OS drive.