How can more storage capacity help PS4 performance

When you feel your PS4 hard drive is too small to handle the tons of files you want to store on, then it’s a sign of the need of a hard drive upgrade. But what will the storage upgrade offer to PS4 overall system? Available in May, the G-Drives have an MSRP of $149.95 for the 500GB capacity and $199.95 for the 1TB model. When more storage is added to PS4 hard drive the downloaded games will find more rooms to dwell in and users can be rest assured that their PS4 new hard drive will not run out of space in the long term. Because of this, they have become a popular upgrade and add-on option for the new system. Its more advanced brother, the 6TB model due to be unveiled in early April, will utilize already six 1TB platters inside. Upgrading PS4 hard drive to a larger capacity suits a wide variety of users who look forward to having a massive storage space for their future downloads. Finally, the G-Drive Plus is a 2.5″ 7200 RPM drive that is also installed in an aluminum case (though it is a bit thicker than the non-plus G-Drive). It has the same USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps ports, but it is only available as a 1TB drive. Computers are fitted with high speed CPU and they need to sync with traditional spinning media that stands up to higher end business tasks.

How to measure the remaining storage space on PS4

The 2.5″ 7200 RPM drives come in 500GB and 1TB capacities. The Ultrastar 7K3000 6Gb/s SAS family will be available in mid-2011. There are different ways to measure how big the PS4 hard drive is. A proper and valid invoice against the purchase is needed in such cases. Seagate Enterprise Capacity hard drive (ST5000NM0024) with 7200rpm spindle speed, 5TB capacity and 128MB of DRAM cache recently started to emerge for sale in numerous stores across Europe. Getting more storage space on PS4 can help the storage device to keep more data within it without the help of any external device. According to G-Technology, the external hard drives are capable of up to 126MB/s transfer speeds.

expanding PS4 stock storage with a new hard drive

The official HDD brand of PS4

Check for the quality and efficiency of after sales services the vendors provide. (Reviews from previous customers would be of great help in this regard.)Before going for hard disk drives with higher capacities, check their compatibility with the motherboards to which they are expected to be connected. Officially, the stock hard drive of PS4 belongs to Hitachi brand with a 500GB of space. The drive uses Serial ATA-6Gb/s interface and costs €389.90 (£325) without delivery, which is nearly normal given the fact that it is a yet-to-be-announced rather unique hard drive. The G-Drives connect via SATA 6Gbps while in the G-Dock, but the drives also feature USB 3.0 ports to connect to PCs when it is used as an individual drive. You will need to upgrade PS4 hard drive to a larger drive if you are not ready to waive any of your downloaded materials. Static Storage Device, SSD is equipped with nonvolatile flash memory, and it has replaced hard disk in several storage medium as it supports the systems with higher speeds. The 5TB Enterprise Capacity hard disk drive (ST5000NM0024) is reportedly powered by five 1TB platters, which are proven by time and have been on the market for several years now.

Which HDD manufacturer to go with for PS4?

Western Digital, the arch-rival of Seagate, is currently shipping its 6TB HDDs to select customers. It is reportedly capable of up to 250MB/s transfer rates. If you have already decided on an SSHD for PS4, you’ll find yourself in front of two HDD manufacturers—WD and Seagate. Most of the high end tasks prefer faster storage and for this reason, SSD have made a rapid progress over their six year existence. In a bid to make those hard drives, WD had to utilize proprietary technology and replace air with helium inside the drives to fit in seven platters. The speed increase comes at the cost of a higher MSRP of $349.95.

What about SSD?

And the most recent innovation of SSD, the 3D NAND, provides a promising future for SSD density for next 5-7 years. Since the density of helium is one-seventh that of air, this means dramatically less drag force acting on the spinning disk stack inside hard disk drives. The G-Drive Plus will be available this summer. To know more about 3D NAND, one only needs to cast their eye over the report from Jim O’Reilly. Using a solid state drive (SSD) with PS4 will not benefit too much in improving gaming experience, which’s not the real case with computer systems. This research features product is a game changer for SSD capacities and along with SSDs it is expected to catch up with hard drives in terms of total capacity by the beginning of 2016. As a result, mechanical power of the motors can be significantly reduced.

adding an SSD to PS4 is preferred by enthusiasts

The drawback of SSD

The G-Dock and included G-Drives are Mac formatted out of the box and have a 3 year warranty. Analysts say that they will blow past HDD on every parameter such as data retention and reliability and the product may dominate the storage market entirely by 2017 as well. The major drawback of SSD that doesn’t make it a good fit for PS4 is the high price compared to other storage devices. Five-platter drives are rather common in the industry, but to fill-in six platters, a lot of things have to be redesigned. The company is positioning the multi-bay dock and hard drives at media professionals that need high-capacity portable storage and high-bandwidth connections. A cost analysis between SSD and HDD reflects certain important aspects.

Restoring PS4 backup data from the external hard drive

It is unknown whether Seagate’s 6TB HDDs with six platters are also sealed with helium inside, or Seagate uses a more traditional approach that does not include helium and which is likely more cost-efficient. HGST, and when the data is backed up externally on a peripheral storage device, it can easily be restored to PS4 internal hard drive with following a few steps, the recently purchased research division at Western Digital is promising to double the density of platter drives over the next few years, enhancing the longevity of a storage media that many already consider obsolete. Customers can today buy 1TD SSD for $349 and can obtain 1TB HDD from NewEgg for $48 for a laptop. Now that PS4 supports adding an external hard drive, you can choose a good one for PS4 file backup process. However, like tape and optical media there continue to be many scenarios where inexpensive high density storage is more useful than the speed offered by an SSD. And, this can be one reason that only 15 percent of the laptops use SSD today.

More storage solutions for PS4

Using a combination of self-assembling molecules and nanoimprinting they are hitting a density of 1.2 trillion bits per square inch, not quite the density of the salted drives we heard about in 2011 but perhaps much closer to market. It is expected that the fall in prices on both devices could be 15 cent per GB and 2.5 percent per GB on SSD and HDD by 2017. Each of those dots is 10nm in size and because of the self assembling nature of the pattern HGST told The Register that they expect to be able to shrink the size of those dots even more as their process matures. “HGST, the Western Digital subsidiary formerly known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, says it has developed a method of manufacturing hard-disk platters using nanotechnology that could double the density of today’s hard drives.”Seagate Technology, the world’s second largest hard drive manufacturer (by market share), recently announced that it will be ceasing production on notebook hard drives featuring 7200 RPM spindle speeds.

an SSHD is a combination of SSD and HDD which can be the best option for a variety of PS4 fanboys

How to decide which storage is best for PS4

Buyers have been conditioned to look at storage capacity when deciding what product to buy. According to X-Bit Labs, Seagate Director of Marketing and Product Management David Burks stated that “We are going [to] stop building our notebook 7200rpm hard disk drives at the end of 2013. Choosing the best storage device for PS4 is not supposed to be a hard process, rather it depends primarily on your needs from that storage device. ”Stopping production of high-end notebook hard drives is a curious move for a company that is still dependent on hard drives to survive–with just a toe in the Solid State space with its hybrid hard drives.

Their mindsets have been slow to switchover to considering storage performance over capacity. On the other hand, the market for such high-end notebook drives is likely feeling pressure from Solid State drives for pure performance at any price, cheap hard drives paired with a small mSATA caching SSD, and high-capacity 5400 RPM drives at extremely cheap prices. That’s not likely to change any time soon. Users that would have traditionally favored 7200 RPM drives for an extra price during laptop configuration are now faced with more choices on the performance at modest price increases front with caching options. As SSDs fall in price, we are likely to see higher capacity drives and better market adoption, but the one thing hard drives are strong at is storing tons and tons of data.