Storage Device Expansion on PS4 Game Console

Expanding the storage space of PS4 has become a huge trend among PS4 fanboys who have lots of movies and games to store internally within the game console box. Western Digital Corp. maintained its hard drive market leadership in terms of unit sales in the first quarter of 2014 and outsold its arch-rival Seagate Technologies by over five million units. We’ve probably all lost data at some point, and many of us have tried various drive recovery solutions over the years. Another long day, another large hard drive. PS4 Hard disk drives are one of the most important entities of PS4 systems and this buying guide to hard disk drives is prepared to help buyers select the appropriate hard disk drives to best fit their requirements.

The company also managed to get higher revenue for its hard disk drives thanks to favourable product mix, but Seagate received higher profit.

PS4 allows users to upgrade the internal hard drive in an easy procedure

Looking for different hard drive replacement options

Average selling price of a Western Digital HDD was $58. It’s totally free (and not in the ad-ridden, drowning in popups kind of way). PS4 can accept any storage device that goes with its standards, so whether it’s an SSD, SSHD or another traditional HDD, as long as it goes with the standards specified by Sony for PS4, they will surely fit. So does it work? Hitachi GST is clearly hoping that those in need of more storage space will look their way, as the company has today shipped out the world’s first 7200rPM 3TB enterprise-class hard drive.

  • Of these, Disk Drill has been available for Mac OS X users for some time, and a PS4 hard drive upgrade will do the job, but the company currently offers a Windows compatible version, released last year.
  • It feels like the storage industry is growing its product line at a crazy pace these days, with new hard drives surfacing just about every other day.
  • Since hard disk drives contain sensitive data that might be very important for home users and organisations, a thorough market and technical research is quite essential before purchasing the drives.
  • During the first quarter of 2014 (which corresponds to the third quarter of WD’s and Seagate’s fiscal years) WD sold 60.4 million of hard disk drives for various applications.
  • The best part?
  • Not that we’re complaining; in fact, we probably need to toss another HDD into our NAS, while we’re thinking about it.
  • Computer systems are considered complete only if they have operating systems installed in them along with the respective hardware drivers.

Operating systems can only be installed on the hard disk drives and if hard disk drives are not present in the computers, and a solid state drive (SSD) inside PS4 can boost up the performance of the game console no operating systems can be installed and therefore computer systems would just be iron boxes.

an SSD is preferred on HDD in computer systems but not PS4

Going for Hybrid Hard Drive

By contrast, Seagate supplied 55.2 million of hard disk drive units during the same period, ASP of a Seagate drive was $61. Think about using a hybrid hard drive (SSHD) with PS4 as if you are upgrading to a newer and faster drive that will show its performance in front of your eyes. Using some of my own data as a guinea pig, I decided to find out. The new Ultrastar 7K3000 drive family is the first 7,200 RPM enterprise-class HDD to deliver 2.0 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF), resulting in a 40 percent lower annualized failure rate (AFR) than enterprise drives rated at 1.2 million hours MTBF. On the other hand, even if computers have hard disks installed in them and they get corrupted or have bad sectors, data that is stored in them still becomes unreadable and inaccessible.


The two companies estimate that the total available market of hard drives in the first quarter was 137 – 138 million units, which means that Toshiba Corp. could ship as many as 21.4 – 22.4 million hard disk drives in Q1 2014. My recovery process involved an old 320GB IDE drive, which was used for backup until a power outage-related data corruption (I didn’t own a UPS at the time, and the drive was in the process of writing) which left me without a valid partition. In fact we don’t like using an SSD with PS4 for a few reasons we already stated several times. Moreover, they will be available in both 6 gigabits per second (6Gb/s) Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) interfaces. This may result permanent data loss which might sometimes be the cause of monetary setbacks as well. Western Digital has been leading the HDD market since Q2 2012 after it recovered from consequences of flooding in Thailand, which occurred on late 2011 and destroyed WD’s production capacities.

WD hard drives can be used with PS4 flawlessly

Opting for an external hard drive for PS4

At one point I had given up and formatted the drive; thinking all of my original backup was lost. The Ultrastar 7K3000 SATA and SAS models are available with bulk data encryption (BDE) options. Almost all hard disk drive manufacturers offer 3 to 5 years’ warranty on their drives. Western Digital reported revenue of $3.7 billion and net income of $375 million, or $1.55 per share for its third fiscal quarter ended on the 28th of March, 2014. Thankfully I didn’t use it much after this, and it’s been sitting on a shelf for years.

1TB hard drive for PS4 is still not enough

While the Ultrastar 7K3000 SATA model uses proprietary Hitachi encryption, the Ultrastar 7K3000 dual-port SAS model is targeted at emerging 6Gb/s SAS enterprise infrastructures and is designed to meet the industry standard TCG Enterprise_A encryption specification. When you go for an external hard drive for PS4 console, there should be a few things in mind you have to take care of before connecting the USB cable to PS4. Some manufacturers, like Western Digital, provide on-site replacement which means that the customers only need to register their complaints online or by phone and a representative from the vendor would visit their places and collect the faulty hard disk drives. For Q3 FY2014 Seagate Technology reported revenue of approximately $3.4 billion, gross margin of 28.2%, net income of $395 million and diluted earnings per share of $1.17. There are different methods that can be employed to recover lost or deleted data. The Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 family comes in 3TB and 2TB offerings, and is now shipping with a 6Gb/s SATA interface worldwide; the Ultrastar 7K3000 6Gb/s SAS family will be available in mid-2011.

hard drive selection in PS4 space

The PS4 Memory limitation

In some cases representatives also replace the faulty drives hand-to-hand. Seagate Technology on Monday announced that it would start shipping its first hard disk drives (HDDs) with 6TB capacity early next quarter of its fiscal year. PS4 memory is not so extensive to the point that it can be easily filled up with data keeping the user stuck with no free space. One of these is to scan for the file headers (or signatures), which contain information about what type of file it is (i.e. No pricing details are available, but you can bet you’ll be paying dearly for this kind of reliability. Irrespective of hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers, HDDs can be purchased from anywhere either online or by going to the shops in real.

The drives will be aimed at the enterprise market segment and will compete against Western Digital’s HDDs of the same capacity. Knowing how to make more storage space on PS4 will help cut down time on researching about the best method for this purpose. Microsoft Word, JPEG image, etc.). There are advanced recovery methods that attempt to reconstruct an entire file system, preserving the folder structures and the original files names. Committed to the growing market for cost-effective, capacity-optimized drives, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) today introduced its new enterprise-class, 3.5-inch, 3TB Ultrastar 7K3000 drive family – the world’s first and only 7,200 RPM drive family rated at 2.0 million hours MTBF and backed by a five-year limited warranty. Moreover, a 4TB hard drive capacity when used right on PS4 can provide a massive storage space that can last for years not only months. Technospares is one of the best and cheapest online hardware stores that have HDDs of almost all brands. The world’s second largest maker of hard drives did not reveal many details about the new drive, but said that it would be a six-platter 6TB drive, which indicates that the company uses proven current-generation 1TB platters, not all-new SMR [shingled magnetic recording] disks.