How to upgrade PS4 storage device properly

Upgrading PS4 stock storage device has never been a difficult process, rather Sony facilitated it for everyone who wishes to go for a higher capacity storage for their game console. Of course the viability of such a system in the next century is unknown, and a working cartridge (which is similar to the multi-CD systems found in cars a few years ago) would be needed to access the data. The stock storage device of PS4 is limited by 500GB capacity which doesn’t seem sufficient for a wide variety of users who have lots of data to keep within the drive itself. By increasing the MTBF specification to 2.0 million hours, with an AFR 40 percent lower than drives rated 1.2 million hours MTBF, Hitachi enables data center managers to expect reduced failures, improved up-time and lowered TCO when using a large population of Ultrastar 7K3000 hard drives over a period of time. RPM is the number of times a platter of the hard disk drive turns in every 60 seconds.

What type of storage device is inside PS4 box

In a bid to make those hard drives, WD had to utilize proprietary technology and replace air with helium inside the drives to fit in seven platters. The idea is certainly interesting considering the potential for failure with traditional hard drives, with the use of more storage expansion options for PS4, there have arisen a few methods to get more storage space PS4 without losing the already stored data, though hard drives are relatively inexpensive and offer more utility, unlike the write-once Sony ODA cartridges.

recovering PS4 data from hard drive

  • Unfortunately, this is not a simple (or fast) process, and is generally left to the professionals.
  • The new Ultrastar 7K3000 drive family represents the fifth-generation of Hitachi’s five-platter mechanical design, which has been stringently designed, tested and field proven for quality and reliability by global server and storage OEMs, as well as the most well known Internet giants worldwide.
  • Since the PS4 memory is not too large to handle the loads of data a user wishes to store, it is treasured with many fully satisfied customers, it is a ‘must-visit’ store for every computer related hardware devices/accessories/peripherals/storage devices.
  • The company’s ongoing quarter ends in late March, 2014, hence, the 6TB product will be released sometimes in early April.“We are continuing to expand our offering of high capacity drives with our six terabyte drive shipping early next quarter,” said Steve Luczo, chairman and chief executive officer of Seagate, during a conference call with financial analysts.
  • Sony has developed a higher-capacity version of their Optical Disc Archive (ODA), which now allows up to 3.3 TB of archival storage with the promise of 100-year retention.
  • With millions of five-platter Ultrastar drives shipped over the last three years, and upgrading to a 4TB hard drive on PS4 will do the work for almost everyone, even though Hitachi’s field reliability data shows an unprecedented AFR below 0.40 percent, exceeding customer and industry AFR quality specifications for a 7,200 RPM drive.
  • Nowadays hard disks are manufactured in two categories that differ from each other on the basis of Revolution per Minute or RPM.
  • Western Digital, the arch-rival of Seagate, is currently shipping its 6TB HDDs to select customers.

From early-stage research to design and development to component selection and manufacturing, we have multi-layer processes in place to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products throughout the entire life of the hard drive program,” said Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing at Hitachi GST.

Backup customized PS4 data before upgrade

“Raising our MTBF to 2.0 million hours on our new Ultrastar 7K3000 family reinforces this quality commitment. The higher the RPM is, higher the reading and writing speed the hard disk drive has. You may want to use then an external hard drive for the PS4 HDD upgrade process which we strongly recommended especially if you have a bunch of valuable data that you’re not ready to lose. It is unclear whether Seagate’s 6TB HDDs with six platters are also sealed with helium inside, or Seagate uses a more traditional approach that does not include helium and which is more cost-efficient. For those seeking pure read-only archival storage, the higher capacity of the second-generation Sony ODA at least brings it closer to parity with current hard drive storage.

deciding which SSD to use for PS4 HDD upgrade

Faster storage solutions for PS4

Our new Ultrastar drives will continue to play an important and growing role in data centers that require 24×7 availability for cloud storage, massive scale out (MSO) data farms, data warehousing, disk-to-disk backup, RAID arrays and more.”“The need for greater storage will continue to expand in multiple directions and dimensions, and 3.5-inch enterprise-class hard-disk drives (HDDs) will play a crucial role in enabling that expansion,” said John Monroe, a research vice president in the Data Center Systems group at Gartner. “Computers come and go, but data remains, and it grows, in unpredictable ways. If you’re unhappy with the speed of the available hard drives for PS4 on the market, you may think to upgrade PS4 to an SSHD then if your budget is limited, and if not, think about a more sublime option like solid state drive (SSD). Although the difference in reading and writing speed is almost negligible and transparent to the users, for the processors even one millisecond makes a huge difference. Since the density of helium is one-seventh that of air, this means dramatically less drag force acting on the spinning disk stack inside hard disk drives.

SSHD is a compromise between SSD and HDD

Western Digital has agreed to purchase Sandisk for $19 billion in cash and stock, a deal which values Sandisk at $86.50 per share and represents a 12% premium over yesterday’s closing price. In the future, if we do happen to see less local storage ‘in hand’ or ‘on the desk,’ this will simply mean that even more storage will be required elsewhere, in the network cloud. A solid state hybrid hard drive (SSHD) features a compromise between the space of HDD and the speed of SSD which might please many PS4 fanboys. Hard disk drives with lower RPMs are cheaper as compared to the ones that have higher RPMs.54,00 RPM – Hard disk drives of this speed are mostly used in homes and in the PCs those are given to the employees in organisations. As a result, mechanical power of the motors can be significantly reduced. Current Western Digital CEO Steve Milligan will remain in charge of the company, which retains its headquarters in Irvine, California, while SanDisk’s CEO Sanjay Mehrotra is expected to remain with Western Digital and join their board of directors.

hybrid HDD is a mixure between SSD and HDD

Restoring PS4 operating system on the new HDD

Highly reliable, cost-effective, high-capacity HDDs have been and, in concert and conjunction with solid-state drives (SSDs) and higher-performance HDDs, will continue to be key enablers of the widespread proliferation of information, entertainment and communication technologies.”With the industry’s highest MTBF on a 7,200 RPM HDD, and stringent quality standards in place, the Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 family delivers by reducing system downtime, eliminating service calls and keeping TCO to a minimum. Since these hard disk drives are cheaper as compared to the ones that have 72,00 rpm, and after you save the data on an external hard drive as advised, you need to connect this external drive again to PS4 and start the data restore process in order to get your system back as before. these are best for single computers that are used by one user at a time.72,00 RPM – Hard disk drives of this speed are best for server computers where data is read and written by multiple users at a single time. Seagate Technology on Monday introduced its first hard disk drive with 6 platters and 6TB capacity. Sandisk had reportedly been looking for a buyer, with Micron the other likely candidate according to this morning’s report from The Wall Street Journal. With explosive petabyte (PB) growth requirements, IT managers can also leverage the new 3TB Ultrastar 7K3000 drive’s low power, high capacity and lower cost per gigabyte to optimize floor space and improve power-density requirements, ultimately helping to take pressure off of shrinking data centers and budgets.

storing PS4 HDD content on an external HDD

What does an SSD offer to PS4

Because of the enhanced RPMs, these hard disks work efficiently even when the data stored in them is read or written by several users simultaneously. The HDD is aimed at the enterprise market and supports multiple technologies that boost its reliability and performance. The move should help to better position Western Digital in the SSD space, and using an SSD with PS4 will surely increase the overall performance which’s considered sufficiently reasonable to perform that upgrade, but as for us, we don’t see it any thing special or reasonable. something rival Seagate appeared to be focused on when purchasing LSI last year. Providing the best watts per gigabyte (watt/GB), the Ultrastar 7K3000 drive delivers 50 percent more capacity in the same footprint and does so at a 32 percent reduction in watts/GB versus Hitachi’s prior generation Ultrastar A7K2000 drives. The servers on which these hard disk drives can perform quite well are Exchange or other such mailings servers, file servers, print servers, etc.

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 v4 6TB hard disk drive features 7200rpm spindle speed, 128MB cache and SAS-12Gb/s or SATA-6Gb/s interface. Neither company has any significant presence in the consumer solid-state market dominated by Samsung, or using a spinpoint m9t 2TB HDD ST2000LM003 for PS4 that can hold all your desired data for a long period of time until you decide to buy PS4 NEO or PS4, and it will be interesting to see where WD goes with the Sandisk brand. With its dense 3TB capacity, it is now possible to achieve a colossal 1.8PB in the footprint of a standard 19-inch enterprise storage rack by stacking 10 4U, 60-bay enclosures. As far as the storage capacity of hard disk drives is concerned, it totally depends on the requirements of the buyers. Maximum power consumption of the drive is 11W.