Changing the internal hard drive of PS4 to another device

If you ask me about changing the internal hard drive of PS4 and replacing it with a newer storage device, I would not recommend other than a traditional hard drive for this purpose. The G-Dock is an aluminum external hard drive enclosure that features two hot-swappable drive bays that can accept up to two G-Drive (or G-Drive Plus) external hard drives.

It’s not a wonder that PS4 hard drive runs out of space after a period of time, but in fact this is most probably to happen to many users. To reach the same capacity as a 3TB, 3.5-inch Ultrastar 7K3000 drive, customers would have to purchase three 1TB 2.5-inch 7,200 RPM drives, which will consume up to 170 percent higher watts to power the drives and will occupy three times the storage array slots.

restoring PS4 hard drive data

Installing a new hard drive on PS4

Irrespective of the capacity of the HDDs, they are available as external HDDs that can be connected to the computes via USB ports, and Internal HDDs that are installed inside the desktops or laptop PCs. You can upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 to a larger and faster one following some certain methods, but first know which hard drive to choose for this purpose. With its advanced ramp load technology, and a humidity sensor, it delivers optimum performance even in the harshest environments. The G-Dock includes two Thunderbolt ports for daisy chaining other Thunderbolt devices and to connect to the PC.

PS4 HDD interface

The Ultrastar 7K3000 family represents the first Hitachi 7,200 RPM drives in both 6Gb/s SATA and 6Gb/s SAS interfaces for easy integration into legacy and new storage environments. To summarise this buying guide to hard disk drives, few points that must be kept in mind before and while buying new HDDs.
The Enterprise Capacity 3.5 6TB hard drive will compete against Western Digital’s Ultrastar He6 6TB HDD, which features HelioSeal technology and contain helium inside. While in the G-Dock, the drives connect via SATA 6Gbps ports.

Using an external hard drive for the upgrade process

All Ultrastar 7K3000 drives are designed, built and tested using Hitachi’s 10K RPM enterprise-class technology and quality standards, making them perfect for tiered storage architectures that combine Hitachi solid-state drives (SSD), 10K RPM 2.5-inch drives and 7,200 RPM 3.5-inch drives. For home users and the PCs in organisations that are given to the employees to work, you’ll need an external hard drive to complete the data transfer from the stock internal hard drive of PS4 to keep it safe and restore it later after accomplishing the PS4 storage upgrade process, and the hard disk drives with 54,000 RPM are quite sufficient. The HelioSeal allowed WD to integrate seven platters into the drive.

Will an SSD be faster inside PS4?

The G-Dock supports JBOD, RAID 1, and RAID 0 modes to configure it for storage, data redundancy, and performance. Storage system architects can deploy implementations that use a combination of SSD and 10K RPM 2.5-inch drives to provide the highest levels of mission-critical system performance and 7,200 RPM 3.5-inch drives as a low cost-per-gigabyte solution for capacity-optimized enterprise storage and other 24×7 lower input/output (I/O) applications. Adding a solid state drive (SSD) to PS4 will not provide much of the aspired speed like it’s the case with computer systems. Hard disk drives that have 72,000 RPM are best suited for file servers, print servers, mail servers, etc. Seagate’s new 6TB HDD is not sealed and should be easier and less expensive to manufacture. The G-Dock comes with a Thunderbolt cable and two 1TB G-Drive Evolution external hard drives.

how to use an SSHD for PS4

Upgrading the memory of PS4

This allows for a great deal of flexibility in designing storage solutions that provide exactly the level of performance the application requires for the least cost and maximum return on investment. Before purchasing hard disk drives, customers must check the warranty that hard disk vendors providing. Seagate also claims that its 6TB HDD is 25 per cent faster than its rival. Upgrading PS4 memory is not possible, as far as we know, for ordinary users as they come in compact box system that makes it difficult to replace. “Cloud service providers across the globe are amassing terabytes of digital content each month and we expect this number to continue its aggressive growth in the coming year,” said Dave Reinsel, IDC’s group vice president for storage and semiconductors. “With this immense appetite in mind and looking at cloud architecture’s boundless demand for solid-performing and reliable drives — reaching higher capacities, like Seagate did with its new, traditional 6TB drive, should be well received by IT managers looking to meet their data center’s soaring need for storage with the performance.

Changing PS4 stock hard drive with SSHD

Solid state hybrid hard drive (SSHD) is well known to be a compromise between SSD and HDD. It offers a faster speed than regular hard drive, and a more capacious space than SSD and for a cheaper price. Then if the PS4 operating system rejects the addition of some storage devices, it will not be possible for this device to work properly. ”The drive is shipping now to select cloud partners and resellers globally. It has a MSRP of $749.95 and will be available in May. The Ultrastar 7K3000 SATA and SAS models are available with bulk data encryption (BDE) options.

  • G-Technology took the wraps off of a new external storage product lineup during NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) this week.
  • Hitachi’s 3.5-inch Ultrastar 7K3000 capacity density also allows better utilization of floor space in terms of GB per square foot (GB/sq ft.) and watts/GB when compared to 2.5-inch, capacity-optimized, 7,200 RPM enterprise hard drives.
  • However the fact of the matter is that the storage capacity of a hard disk drive is consumed exactly the way the storage capacity of a refrigerator at homes does. Employing an SSHD on PS4 will increase the load time of game and operating system, but not by the desired level.
  • Different versions of the drive support 512-byte or 4KB sector sizes.
  • The new series includes the G-Dock thunderbolt-connected hard drive dock, and the G-Drive and G-Drive Plus Evolution external hard drives.
  • Today these 2.5-inch drives cost roughly twice the dollars per GB ($/GB) of 3TB, 3.5-inch 7,200 RPM drives with 66 percent less capacity.
  • No matter how much storage capacity both the entities have, after some time consumers require the bigger ones. Making more storage space on PS4 requires to pick the right storage device first and before everything else.
  • The drive employs multi-drive rotational vibration tolerance for consistent enterprise-class performance and accurate data storage in high density environments.

Always ask for an invoice against the purchase of the hard disk drive and make sure that the invoice contains the drive’s serial number. It will also be integrated into Seagate business and branded storage products starting this spring. G-Technology’s G-Dock enclosure accepts the company’s own G-Drive ruggedized hard drives. While the Ultrastar 7K3000 SATA model uses proprietary Hitachi encryption, the Ultrastar 7K3000 dual-port SAS model is targeted at emerging 6Gb/s SAS enterprise infrastructures and is designed to meet the industry standard TCG Enterprise_A encryption specification. Check the manufacturing date of the hard disk drive as warranty would be applicable from the date of manufacture.

WD is a very good hard drive brand to use with PS4

Choosing the right capacity for PS4 HDD replacement

Seagate announced earlier this year that it would start shipments of its first enterprise-class hard disk drive with 6TB of storage space sometimes in April. The G-Drive Evolution drives are fitted into an aluminum case. The new Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 family comes in 3TB and 2TB offerings, and is now shipping with a 6Gb/s SATA interface worldwide. Replacing the hard drive of PS4 with a larger one will offer more rooms for games and movies a user intends to store within the internal storage of PS4. Sometimes warranty is also calculated according to the date of purchase of the disks. While the firm is getting ready to release its highest-capacity hard drive ever, it has already started to ship a HDD that combines performance with 5TB of storage.

Spindle Speed Doesn’t matter much

Further, with the advent of interfaces like Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, it is now more acceptable to go with a low capacity, cheaper, Solid State Drive for the operating system and applications while using external hard drives for your storage needs without incurring a transfer speed bottleneck that USB 2.0 exhibited. In reality, a better means to make use of these drives is by deploying HDD for storing tons of cooler data at Data centers, personal media centers, and storage racks, and use for hot data storage. Reportedly, Seagate will stop production of its Momentus 7200.4, Momentus 7200.2, and Momentus Thin notebook drive lineups. Will SSD ever dominate HDD in a storage device market? Further, the storage company will put more focus into further fleshing out its Momentus XT drives.


Leave your views and comments below. The XT series features a spindle hard drive and small bit of SLC NAND flash for caching frequently accessed files. Hopefully the renewed focus on its hybrid hard drive series will result in drives with larger caches. That may necessitate the move to MLC flash to keep costs down, but I think a HHD with 32GB+ of MLC or TLC flash would be an acceptable compromise. What do you think of the move? You can change the PS4 HDD and use another brand for this, but will this benefit your game console as you wish? Customers will likely be able to get their hands on 7200 RPM mobile drives well into 2014 thanks to stock on hand at the various OEMs and retailers (and alternative options from other HDD manufacturers), so the fallout is likely to be minimal. Still, is it the right move for Seagate?